A Comparison of Thermal Insulation Boards

Many people are taking on their home as an extensive DIY renovation project. Social media is full of influencers taking their home improvements into their own hands, and this is spurring many to take up their own tools and start projects of their own. Furthermore, the current economic crisis and rising fuel costs are causing many to look for ways to save money through the renovations they undertake. One such home improvement that enhances comfort and reduces bills is the installation of insulation boards.

This form of insulation is both cost effective and easy to install however there are so many different types of insulation board that you may feel overwhelmed at the options. Not all thermal insulation boards are created equal though the argument over which one is best depends on the purpose in which it will be used. In the information to follow we will discuss some of the best thermal performers that have been used by contractors and homeowners alike. we will also see in which situations different insulation boards can be used. with this knowledge you can make well informed decisions about which type of insulation board you choose to install during your home renovation project.

PIR Insulation Boards

A brand that has become synonymous with PIR insulation foam boards is that of Celotex, to the point that many people refer to this material by that brand name. These are multipurpose, high grade solutions that provide exceptional thermal performance because of the polyisocyanurate core and foil facings it is made with. In many ways, a simple 100mm Celotex board could be just the solution you are looking for.

In many respects, thermal PIR insulation boards come out on top. They are readily available easily foldable and highly effective in improving thermal performance. These rigid foam boards, sandwiched between facings, can be used anywhere from the roof to cavity walls. This wide applicability is one of the many benefits of PIR insulation boards.

Rigid Phenolic Insulation Boards

These kinds of boards are proclaimed to be the best thermal insulation boards available on the market today and they are undoubtedly unrivalled in their thermal performance. Additionally, phenolic insulation boards are resistant to all kinds of threats, such as fire, water and mould. Even though they are very thin, they have the highest fire rating among many other organic options. However, they are more expensive which could be considered a downside, despite the fact they are very versatile and multipurpose.

Extruded Insulation Boards

Extruded insulation boards or polyfoam floorboards are a high density solution designed specifically to be used for floor applications. It remains waterproof for many years and is a relatively cheap nonorganic material. It has impressive strength, but it can attract ants and termites. Its best application is in the installation of underfloor heating, garages, and commercial flooring.

EPS Polystyrene Boards

For those wanting to make effective improvements in a tight budget, expanded polystyrene insulation boards are a great option. It’s a budget friendly options that still provides great insulation. While a thicker board is needed than with other materials, it is still very practically, economic and efficient as an insulation solution. It’s applications are many, from external wall insulation to concrete floors, attics to structural insulated panels.

Choosing the Right Board for You

Insulation boards will be of great value to your home, reducing the bleeding of both sound and heat. This will improve your energy efficiency and reduce your bills. With some research and understanding of the purpose you have in mind, you will be able to choose the right insulation board for you and your project.


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