Most-Common Blocked Drain Misconceptions To Bust

The number of misconceptions and myths revolving around Woking blocked drains has constantly worried the people. People are more concerned about what the myths have to say rather than finding ways to resolve the issue through an effective strategy like drain lining or summoning a professional plumber. So, it is essential to bust them to save you from wasting unnecessary time.

Keep reading to explore all the common misconceptions about blocked drains.

Myth #1: Unclogging The Drain Is Possible By Pouring Boiling Water In It

Pouring a bucket of boiling water might look effective at first, but it does no good. However, it might instead improve your drainage. But it’s for no good when it comes to blocked drains. Think logically; if hot water was all that you needed for blocked drains, then doing the dishes with hot water would have kept the chances of blockage at bay.

Myth #2: Pouring Oil In The Sink Isn’t Harmful

Pouring all kinds of liquid in the drain caused Woking to block drains in the first place. First, you pour down oil, and then you would drop food particles, dirt, dust, miscellaneous and hair which wouldn’t only get all cluttered and stick to the drain walls. You might then have to contact the plumber for drain lining.

Myth #3: Commercial Drain Cleaning Chemicals Are Just What You Need

While the store-bought and commercialized chemicals might promise a temporary solution. But if you consider it long-term, it will do you more harm than good. The chemicals contaminate the kitchen utensils and can also result in various health issues. Left behind chemicals might also be hazardous for the environment.

Myth #4: Professional Drain Unclogging Services Are Pricey

Most of the Woking blocked drains services offer premium solutions for blocked drains, and that too within your budget. They also don’t compromise on the treatment’s effectiveness. Their services act as additional care for your drainage system, so you don’t have to witness any other future problems. The professionals will evaluate the drain and find out the root cause behind the blockage. They might suggest effective strategies like drain lining and recommend ways of preventing the clogging of drains in the future.

Myth #5: Slow Draining Of Water Doesn’t Have To Be Attended

Wrong! Slow drainage of water is a vital sign that the blockage has started. While it might result in severe disruption, the chances of situations turning worse will always be there. If you have noticed slow water draining, then it is advisable to contact the Woking blocked drains services immediately for help.

Myth #6: You Can Bring Back The Water Flow To Normal By Pushing The Blockage

You are wrong to think that pushing a blockage down the drain line will resolve the issue. The backup is present in the drain and will result in problems in the long run. The plumbers, upon being summoned, will count on high pressure jetting machines to break the blockages down to eliminate them from the drain.

These were some common misconceptions that you might have heard from people. And now that you are aware of them, it is always suggested that you seek help from the plumbers instead of trying to solve them on your own. The plumber and blocked drain companies will offer you specific techniques like drain lining to prevent blocked drains in the future, and you can always count on them for permanent solutions for blocked drains.

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