Window Blinds Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2022

Just like any other interior component, window blinds also have yearly trends. As the technologies develop, the market offers more and more modern and stylish solutions for window treatments. We present some trends of 2022 that can be adapted to every home.

Outdoor-Mounted Solutions

One of the modern trends is installing window treatments outside. There are many options, but experts highlight practical external blinds. These are installed directly in front windows or sliding doors and cover the house from the outside.

Outdoor blinds are great for pet owners who want stylish window coverage. Obviously, as shields are mounted outside, animals will not be able to damage them. Such treatment is automated, protects you from harmful sunlight radiation, is waterproof, and allows comfortable temperature regulation. Searching the internet, type in something like outside blinds waterproof UK. Specifying your needs, you’ll quickly find market professionals offering valuable extra perks.

Smart Functions

In the digital age, many items are automated, including blinds and curtains. A current trend is to have remotely controlled window treatments. You can open and close them using your phone, tablet, or computer. Pay attention to UV protection technology. Many modern blinds create great shelter from harmful sunrays. Research automated mechanisms, and you will be surprised how many different styles of homes can implement this technology.


Minimalism is still popular in interior design and lifestyle choices. When purchasing new blinds or curtains, pay attention to their colours and textures if you want to modernise your home. This year earth tones are all the rage – beige, sage green, timid blue, and even dark grey or black. The design of the window treatments also has to be minimal. That means no extravagant patterns or overwhelming details. Of course, experiment and add your personal style.

When it comes to window treatments, simplicity and innovation are key aspects this year. In 2022 consider installing outdoor blinds, search for innovative solutions, and focus on minimalistic designs. All homes can be modernised with a few simple changes.

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