5 Ways To Unblock Drains Of Kitchen Sink

Have a clogged kitchen sink? This is one of the most common drainage problems in every household. Sometimes, people take it for granted to put anything in their kitchen sink drain, and they even can’t stop themselves until their kitchen sink gets clogged. Here are some simple ways that you can try to unblock drains Bracknell.

Use Boiling Water

Boiling water can loosen all the soap residue, hair, grease, and other wastes from your kitchen sink. If you want to unclog your drain, then this should be the first step to apply. Here the steps to use boiling water are given below:

  • Boil half a gallon of water in your gas stove.
  • Slowly pour the boiling water into your drain opening.
  • Now turn on the faucet. See if the water is draining slowly or standing in the dink. If it stands still, then do the method once again.
  • If you have a PVC pipe or are connected with a PVC pipe, you should not try to melt the pipe or plastic.

Plunge The Blockage

Now use a plunger to lock the drain or your kitchen sink. Let’s follow the steps below:

  • Fill the sink with hot water and create a seal around the drain.
  • Place your plunger over the drain and start plunging.
  • Do it several times.
  • Now see if the water stands or drains appropriately.

Use Baking Soda And Vinegar

This is one of the most effective methods of removing blockage from the drain. For this step, you must remove the standing water from your sink. Follow the below steps to make the process:

  • Pour down three cups of boiling water first.
  • Now pour a baking soda drain pipe cup and then run the same amount of vinegar into your drain pipe.
  • Once you pour the solution, it will start to bubble. Now turn on your stopper and then wait about 15 minutes there.
  • After 15 minutes, pour some boiling hot water onto the drain.
  • If the method works for you, then repeat the process once again.

Clean The P-Trap

You will find a p-trap at the curve of the drain pipe. By cleaning the p-trap, you can easily unblock your drain. To apply this method, start with the following process:

  • First, place a bucket underneath your pitch fibre drains. So it can collect the water and other debris.
  • Now open the p-trap from the drain pipe and clean it to see if anything stuck into it.
  • If needed, replace the p-trap and run hot water through it.

Use A Hanger Coat

The hangar coat can also effectively unclog your kitchen drain. You can also use a wire hanger coat to substitute for a plumber snake. Follow the steps below:

  • First, insert a straight hanger wire into your drain.
  • Now push or pull through the waste of the drain to take out debris from the kitchen sink pipe.
  • Do it as many times as you can, but don’t scratch the sink pipe as well with this hanger coat.


These all are the tested DIY methods to unblock your drain. By following these correctly, you can quickly get rid of this problem. If these DIY methods of freeing drain Bracknell don’t work, most probably, you have severe pain inside of your gutter. Ask your nearest plumber to reach out as soon as possible.

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